Falls Welding & Fabricating, Inc., FWF Medical Products div. can custom design your metal products or fabricate from your drawings. We have welded many items associated with fracking, such as wellheads, work benches, flanges. We work with approximately 26 people in approximately 45,000 sq ft of manufacturing space.

Our wide variety of equipment allows us to fabricate products from stainless steel, mild steel, copper and aluminum up to 1/2" thick and beyond depending on the project. A sampling of our equipment includes:



Cincinnati 2000W Laser 5’x10’ Table                                                                          Cincinnati 5000W Laser 6’X10’ Table                                                                          33 Ton Finn Power Punch


6’ 70 Ton Premier Press Brake                                                                                  14’ 230 Ton Cincinnati CNC Press Brake                                                                     12’ 325 Ton Standard CNC Press Brake


12’ 230 Ton Niagara CNC Press Brake                                                                         8’ 90 Ton Cincinnati CNC Press Brake                                                                        10’ 100 Ton Baykal CNC Press Brake



 12’ 1/4” Cap Niagara CNC Shear                                                                              8’ 3/8” Cap Roll                                                                                                  5’ 1/4” Cap Roll

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